Home Invasion

Sometimes Mom lets her imagination get the better of her.  We often marvel at the way Mom can twist things around in her mind and get herself worked up into a panic.  Dad has grown accustomed to this by now, but before he knew her better, he used to sometimes get sucked into Mom’s silly ideas.

One such time happened when they were newly married and preparing to go out to dinner with a good friend.  Mom tried on several dresses and wigs (yes, this was the 1960s and apparently lots of young women wore wigs), until she found the right combination.  She had spent too much time preparing for the evening and hadn’t left herself enough time to clean up all of her rejected items. Mom’s compulsive cleaning has grown stronger with age, but at that time she was able to leave a few things out in order to not be late for their dinner engagement.

When they returned to the apartment after dinner, Mom suddenly grabbed Dad’s arm and caught her breath.  “There’s someone in our apartment,” she whispered.

Looking through the sheer curtains, they all saw the outline of a person who seemed to be sitting in the living room.  Dad and his friend crouched in readiness as they burst into the apartment, ready to face the intruder.  Mom waited outside, afraid of the men getting hurt.  But there were no sounds of a struggle.  Very calmly, Dad said, “Marci, come in here.”

Hesitantly, Mom entered and saw the intruder….her wig, atop a head-form sitting on the table behind the couch.  Both men looked at Mom, shaking their heads.  “Well,” Mom said in a very ‘Lucy’ tone of voice while shrugging her shoulders, “I didn’t know.”


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