AAA to the Rescue

Cautious and thoughtful by nature, Dad has always believed in being prepared and covered for any contingency.  He is amply insured in every way possible, and he has always been a AAA member.  Being married to Mom, that is a very good thing.  Mom has made sure that their AAA membership does not go unused.  I think she likes to keep them on their toes, and throw in a few unusual circumstances, just to make sure AAA knows how to handle every type of situation.

Mom helped out with one young man’s training while we were visiting Aunt Jessie in Northern California one summer.

We had spent a long day driving our van up to see one of our favorite aunts, and Mom must have been so happy to see her that she was distracted enough to leave the van door open all night long.  When we all piled in the van the next morning, ready to head off for a day of fun, the van wouldn’t start. The battery was dead from the overhead light being on all night.

Not to fear, AAA will be here!  The young employee arrived and jump-started the van.  “You should let the engine run for about 25 minutes before you go anywhere,” he informed Mom.  She agreed to follow his instructions, and he drove off with a wave.

We all started to head inside to wait the required 25 minutes, but Silly Mom, acted out of habit, and didn’t think as she locked the driver’s door and closed it.  The moment she heard the door shut, however, she realized that the engine was running, which meant the keys were in the ignition, and all the doors were locked.

Mom quickly called AAA again, asking for them to send someone out to open the locked van.  She secretly hoped they would send someone different, just so she didn’t have to face embarrassment if the same man had to come twice in a row.  “We have someone in your area,” the operator cheerfully announced to Mom.  Great.

Of course, my sister and I were laughing the whole time Mom was on the phone.  Her cheeks were turning red, and she giggled a lot…a sure sign she was embarrassed.  We just sat back and enjoyed the show.

A couple of minutes later the same man arrived, with a rather quizzical look on his face, not quite sure what to make of Mom.  He tried to jimmy the door open, but couldn’t do it.  “I’ll have to call in to the office for help,” he proclaimed.  Mom’s grimace said it all….great.  The technician spoke with the office, explaining the situation, needing advice on how to open this type of van door.  Every time he explained our predicament to someone else, Mom grew more and more fidgety, and Kari and I enjoyed the show more and more.

Finally receiving the necessary advice, our helper got the door open.  We all cheered at his success and promised we wouldn’t let Mom close the door again.  He shook his head, saying, “I’ve never heard of anything like this ever happening before!”

He just hadn’t met someone as silly as Mom before.


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