(Travel) Tip on Organizing Paperwork

Mom loves being organized.  It gives her a peace of mind and assurance that she hasn’t forgotten anything.  She has many different ways of keeping organized.  Here is her tip for organizing paperwork when planning a trip.

As soon as Mom has decided to go on a trip, the first thing she does is get a large manila envelope to start a “file” for that specific trip.  On the outside of the envelope she writes the names of who is going (sometimes she goes with more people than just Dad), the date, and the name of her trip (ex: Alaskan Cruise, or East Coast Tour).

Every time she acquires any paper relating to that trip, she puts it in the envelope.  This includes: to-do lists, itineraries, hotel information, travel arrangements, confirmations, and local information.  By keeping everything in one place, she knows right where it is when she needs it.  Although Mom makes computer files for each trip, she still prints the information and keeps it in the envelope.  She finds it helpful to have hard copies, just in case she can’t access her computer, and so that she can take the paperwork with her on the trip.  She also likes the fact that in an envelope, papers don’t slip out, like they might in a file folder.


2 thoughts on “(Travel) Tip on Organizing Paperwork

  1. I love reading your silly stories about silly Marci! You’re an excellent writer – ever consider novels? Yes, these stories sound just like her! Love your folks – so glad we met. Keep the stories coming! Thanks for the travel tips too.


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