Poem for Mom

Mom really wants me to share the poem I had engraved on the plaque for her.  Silly Mom, it is not a well-written poem, and I’m embarrassed to share it, but she loves it, and says that it still brings tears to her eyes when she thinks of it.  Although I had the poem engraved when I was 14, I actually wrote it when I was 12, so please forgive the lack of any resemblance to real poetry.  Here it is:

To My Dearest Mother….

Mom reminds me of a dove,

she always gives so much love.

She runs such a pure and innocent life,

my father says she’s a very good wife.

She treats me with tender loving care,

everyone says we’re a perfect pair!

I do my best to make her happy,

I try hard not to be too sappy.

I look up to her as if she’s a cloud,

of me I hope she’s very proud!

She’s hardly ever mad,

because I’m rarely bad,

’cause I hate to see her sad.

She sings like a bird,

beauty in every word.

She glows like the sun,

’cause she’s number one!


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