About the Stories

My mom is not a normal person.  And I mean that in the nicest way!  She looks perfectly normal, but believe me, appearances can be deceiving.  You know how when you watch a screwball comedy and you think, that would never happen in real life?  Well, watching my mom in action is like watching one of those movies, but it’s totally real.  Some of these stories may seem like the product of an over-imaginative writer, but I hereby solemnly swear that everything here is the absolute truth.

Growing up with a crazy, silly mom meant many embarrassing moments, lots of laughter, and plenty of pranks (mostly all pulled on Mom).  I never knew what my mom was going to get herself (or me) into.  Trouble of the weirdest sort always seemed to follow her. When I was young, I sometimes wished I had a mother who was calm and always perfectly poised, like June Cleaver.  However, I had a zany, animated, silly mom who was much more like Lucille Ball, which, as it turns out, is much more fun.

I have now decided that I appreciate being part of an abnormal family.  We laughed a lot, played games all the time, hosted multitudes of parties, and traveled all over.  I never knew boredom as a child, and I think that is mostly because my silly mom could take any normal situation and turn it into something funny (or embarrassing), but most of all memorable.

Sharing these stories is my tribute to Mom, who not only knows how to have a good laugh at life, but more importantly, she knows how to laugh at herself.


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