About Travel

My Silly Mom is one of the most fun-loving people you will ever meet.  She laughs at even the silliest things, and it doesn’t take much to set her off on a laughing fit.  Traveling with Mom is quite an adventure.  She has a knack for learning things the hard way, and although she gets into some pretty interesting predicaments, she supplies her traveling companions with comical memories to cherish.

Her zany antics have served a useful purpose.  She has learned a lot of things about travel — what to do, and mostly, what not to do. Through trial and error, after more than 60 years of traveling the world through virtually every mode of transportation available, she has discovered (mostly the hard way) many hidden gems of travel wisdom.

With all of her travel experience, Mom has been sought after by many people.  The rich, the famous, the common, the seasoned travelers and novices have all asked Mom to share her travel secrets with them.  Mom is excited to share what she has learned with everyone here.  Along with tips from some of her friends and relatives, I will be posting Mom’s tips, ideas, and some of her helpful lists (like packing lists, to-do lists, countdown lists, places/things to see and do, etc).

Bon Voyage!


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