Meet Kim

Being raised by a Silly Mom has definitely had an impact on me.  I was naturally a very shy young girl, but shyness can’t last long around Mom.  I grew up learning the art of teasing, pranking and scaring people.  And I definitely learned how to be a smart-aleck (Mom says I got it from Dad, but I know I learned by example from both parents).

Besides having an impact upon my temperament, Mom also had an impact upon the direction my life took.  Mom and Dad both have always been supportive of anything I have wanted to do in life, but Mom particularly had a profound influence on my desire to write.  I have always loved to write, and I believe that is in part because Mom nurtured that love.  Every story I wrote, every letter, poem, or essay, Mom gushed with praise.  She didn’t dole out praise over everything – I don’t ever remember hearing what a great artist I was, and Mom actually laughs at my singing (rightfully so on both counts) – so her praise of my writing was genuine and heart-felt, and encouraged me to write more.  I ended up majoring in English (no big surprise there), and then tutored English for quite a few years.

When my children came along, my focus and energy went toward them, and Mom was right there supporting that, too.  She was at my side for the birth of each of my four children.  As the children grew, Mom and Dad got just as involved with them and their activities as they had with mine when I was growing up.  I took to heart the example my parents set for me about embracing every moment of our children’s lives.  I ended up home schooling my kids, and we had so much fun learning together and creating wonderful memories.  We home schooled for a total of 12 years before the kids entered public school.

With the kids gone all day at school, I found I had more time to pursue fun activities outside the home.  I joined a couple of book clubs, and at Mom’s urging I took tennis lessons.  It wasn’t long before Mom convinced me to join a tennis league, so she and I became partners on the court.  When we weren’t laughing too hard, we did pretty well.  I only lasted one season, but really enjoyed the time with Mom.   Right about the time I quit tennis, I started quilting, and discovered that I really love it.  My whole family loves to tease me about how addicted I am.

I also discovered that Mom’s love of throwing parties had rubbed off on me.  When I threw an Anniversary party for Mom and Dad, Mom was impressed with the job I had done and decided to hire me to be her party planner for future parties.  I have a lot of fun planning and organizing her parties, and she loves not having to do all the work.  It’s a win-win for both of us!

As my kids have started to grow up and move on, I have found even I have even more time for myself and I decided to do some good with that time.  I joined a local women’s club that focuses on volunteering and fundraising for local charities and organizations.  It’s the perfect way for me to be able to give back to my community and at the same time build strong friendships with great women.  Even though Mom isn’t in my club (she’s way too busy with her own commitments), she has been supportive, not only financially by donating to some of our projects, but also by opening her home to my club friends and allowing us to hold retreats there when she is gone on vacation.

Living close to my parents means that we have lots of opportunities to see each other.  We do all sorts of fun things together, and of course, we play games, too.  My husband, Sterling, didn’t grow up playing games, but he has learned that it’s par for the course in this family, He loves to be the villain in card games, and we love to try to beat him.

I have a very rich, full life, and Mom and Dad have contributed to that in so many ways.  One of the ways I can say thank you to them, and especially to Mom for making me laugh so much, and giving me so many funny memories, is to dedicate this site to her as a celebration for the joy she has brought into my life, and the lives of so many others.

I love you, Mom.  Thanks for being so silly and filling my world with joy and laughter.

My family.

My family.


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